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Chiropractic is a system of health care based upon helping to eliminate pain and improve body function by working to remove irritation to the nerves in the body. Your nerves control all the functions in the body from breathing and digestion to movement, circulation, and touch. Nerves also inform the body when injury occurs by producing pain.

When nerves of pain are irritated, you feel pain. When nerves of function are irritated, there is no pain. However, you lose some, if not all, the functions controlled by those nerves.

Almost all nerves travel from the brain through the spine to reach every organ, gland, and tissue in the body. When the spine, through trauma, injury, falls, poor posture, and muscles weakness, loses its normal alignment, bones of the spine can cause pressure or irritation to the delicate nerves that exit between them.

This condition is called subluxation; a minor misalignment of the spine, causing pressure on nerves. A subluxated vertebra can occur when someone is very young from falls or later in life from an auto accident. Whenever it occurs the body tries to stop further injury by tightening the muscle around it. Over time calcium deposits may occur to prevent further movement that would damage the nerves.

Although pain can sometimes occur immediately with a sublixation, more often than not, health problems, including pain, can occur slowly over time.

Our goal is to help our patients get free of the symptoms with which they suffer, but even more important to help them correct the cause of those problems. Symptomatic treatment that leaves the cause of the problem un-handled is incomplete because it leaves the source of the problem there to cause future problems.

Once health has been obtained, it is vital to maintain your health. prevention and maintenance care support the goal of prolonging and improving the quality of life.