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What YOU need to know about bioDensity

BioDensity is a patented, comprehensive isometric technology that targets all of the body's major musculoskeletal system with four precise, safe exercises. The creation of the bioDensity system truly represents a scientific breakthrough in physical conditioning. It is centered around the age-old idea of isometric exercise, but it incorporates new technology to maximize the user’s central nervous system involvement, measure results, and track progress. This might sound simple enough, but here’s the part some people have a hard time with at first: users only perform four different exercises once a week for a total of five minutes or less.

This created a way that an individual could impose an incredibly powerful stimulus on a muscle, which prompts large and consistent gains in muscle growth. In other words, the bioDensity system uses a much more powerful stimulus than conventional weight training, with the time spent exercising shorter, and the calculated timing of recovery a central focus.

The bioDensity system takes users to the point of momentary muscular failure that Schwarzenegger was referring to in only a few seconds per exercise – think of it as doing the last rep first. So, in a very short amount of time, they reach the point of having fully fatigued the working muscles. In addition, it uses state-of-the-art load cell sensors to accurately measure the user’s force output, and records precise session tracking data to a central processing unit. It tells participants via a take-home printout how much of a load they created and also calculates the percentage increase in strength from one session to another.

For more information visit www.biodensity.com